About JAWS International Recruitment

There is a big shortage of young, talented technical employees in the Netherlands. This shortage is even bigger in the Eastern part of the Netherlands. The so called ‘Achterhoek’ offers a broad range of high end machine building and high tech companies and is looking for alternative ways of recruiting employees. As a Technical Intermediary, JAWS helps these companies to find talented and ambitious technical personnel. JAWS International helps these companies specifically with finding international talent from all over the world.

This website is created for international employees to start a new adventure in the Netherlands. JAWS will offer full support in the entire process. JAWS will help you through the intake process, facilitating further steps in the intake process, helping with housing, helping with Dutch lessons, lessons in Dutch culture and offering professional support during this big step in your career.

Below you can watch a video about working in the Achterhoek.

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