Housing arranged by JAWS

As soon as you arrive in the Netherlands, housing will be arranged by JAWS. We offer our own houses which can be occupied by international talents.
These houses are fully furnitured and ready to move in anytime. So you are guaranteed of housing in the area!

These houses are meant as transition houses, which gives you the time to find a suitable accommodation without pressure. We supply neutral and reliable information about the living system in the Netherlands and tips on finding a room. The advice is to start the search as soon as you are comfortable at your new job.

The shortage of housing is a longer-standing problem. The arrival of more international people, such as students and workers has consequences for the demand of accommodations.
Not everybody has a relapse option and must therefore find a room as quickly as possible. We are also in contact with all local parties when it comes to new housing opportunities. It makes us capable of offering affordable and stress-free living during your onboarding process in the Netherlands.

Our team of specialists is happy to help you

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