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JAWS International focuses on recruiting internationally- technically trained talent for clients in the Achterhoek, De Liemers and Twente.

We mainly focus on recent graduates in the field of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics and ICT. Excellent command of the English language is required. JAWS is also looking for candidates who want to settle in the Netherlands.

We currenlty have housing available in Westervoort, Doetinchem and Winterswijk, which we reserve for international employees.


There is a large, increasing shortage of highly trained technical talent in the regions where we are active in, due to the aging population and the loss of technical talent. In addition, there is a large growth in activity in these regions and this is also causing an increasing number of vacancies. It is therefore getting more difficult for us to fill these vacancies with Dutch candidates. Finally, the Netherlands is internationally renowned as a very hospitable and innovative country to work in. This makes the Netherlands a very interesting country to start an international career.

By now, JAWS has multiple years of experience in international recruitment. In those years, we have been able to close off multiple succesful trajectories. These trajectories mainly consist of employees from the South of Eruope, who are, as off now, working in the Netherlands for more than two years.


JAWS mediates candidates both from within and outside the EU. What is the difference?

No work permit is required for candidates within the EU. They can work freely within the European Schengen zone. Such a permit is mandatory for candidates from outside the EU. In addition, an organization must be a recognized sponsor to hire these people. JAWS has experience with this and offers full guidance during these processes.


There are a number of important points for hiring international professionals:

  • Can the organization offer the required guidance?
  • Can the organization meet the wishes of the candidate?
  • Is the organization or department réally ready for an international candidate?
  • How can the organization manage the language and cultural differences in the department?

JAWS is happy to help with this and offers suitable feasibility advice to the organization.


JAWS offers 100% guidance during this process, which includes:

  • Sourcing and recruitment of the candidate;
  • Arranging temporary accommodation and an interview with the client;
  • Arranging a trial day or trial week at the company;
  • JAWS arranges all administrative matters concerning the candidate;
  • JAWS arranges language and culture lessons for the candidate;
  • JAWS remains closely involved with both the organization and the candidate and offers advice and coaching.


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