Three (!) times cake at Hittech Bihca! 🍰

Three successful trajectories, followed by three sustainable acquisitions for Hittech Bihca. If that’s not good news, then we don’t know what is. For us, it was reason enough to delight the men with the JAWS cake. Through this post, we want to briefly tell you about the trajectories of Sabin, Carmine, and Vitor!

They are three men from three different countries (Portugal, Italy, & Romania) with the same goal: to move to the Netherlands, build a life there, and at the same time, with their technical expertise, be an asset to Hittech Bihca. Just over a year ago, Jan-Willem first spoke to them online via Teams. After extensive conversations, we introduced them to Hittech Bihca, and shortly after, they were invited for an interview! It’s always nice when an organization can move quickly and dare to engage in such trajectories with an eye on growth.

When they were actually able to start, everything was immediately set in motion: administration, housing, language lessons, etc. We learn a lot from each trajectory and improve our services for the next one.

We are now over a year later and look back on three successful trajectories. They are motivated technicians, and after a year on secondment, they rightfully received a contract from the client. Hittech Bihca, Sabin, Carmine, and Vitor, thank you for everything! 👏

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