Jan-Willem Lueksen

As of November 1st, 2022, I returned to work at JAWS, this time in the role of Accountmanager International at JAWS International. Here I am responsible for guiding foreign talent and professionals within the technical sector to a challenging job in the Netherlands.

In 2015 I followed the International track of Human Resource Management at Saxion in Enschede. I successfully completed this and during my graduation I already ended up writing my thesis and working at JAWS. Here I initially committed myself to JAWS International and in 2018 I was closely involved in building the location in Enschede. Creating customer relationships, mediating talent and professionals and my own personal development were all facets that I was involved in.

My ambition is to make JAWS International a quality service and to lay the foundation to guide all Internationals in a personal matter. It is not easy to take on a new adventure and work and live in another country.

Are you interested in working in The Netherlands? Or do you have any questions? Feel free to contact me!

Jan-Willem Lueksen

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